Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I tried so hard not to give in. Really I tried. And technically, I did not give in. I stumbled upon it. It found me really.

Ah Twilight...

So Jon and I were babysitting. Jon suggested renting a movie. She wanted to rent Twilight. So I watched and loved, and then purchased the first two books. I am almost done the first book. I'm rather enthralled. I'm planning on only reading the first two and then waiting until I read the third and fourth, but I am not sure that that plan is going to work.

That is one good thing about having a long bus ride to and from work, I get lots of time to read.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Edward: Do you want a ride to Seattle?
Bella: With who?
Edward: Myself, obviously.
Bella: Why?
Edward: Well, I was planning on going to Seattle in the next few weeks, and, to be honest, I'm not sure if your truck can make it.
Bella: My truck works just fine, thank you very much for your concern.
Edward: But can your truck make it there on one tank of gas?
Bella: I don't see how that is any of your business.
Edward: The wasting of finite resources is everyone's business.

~Bella and Edward

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Guild

Now the universe will definitly collapse in on itself.

I decided that I wasn't going to turn the t.v on today, Jon is at an archery tournament and it is way to cold outside to go and do anything outside, so what does that translate into... blogging. Also, apparently watching a web series that I have been meaning to watch for a while. It so does not count as watching t.v.

Anyways, so today I decided to watch The Guild. It's a web series about gamers who are in a guild together. It's excellent. Each episode is only 3-9 minutes long. Completely geeky and free! I recommend it.


This February came the much anticipated premiere of Dollhouse, a new show by Joss Whedon. We all remember his previous work- Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity and Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. I went down to Red Deer for the premiere to meet up with my geek girls, Jill and Janet.

We now find ourselves just 2 episodes away from the season and quite likely series finale. I've enjoyed the show. It is not as different as his previous shows, but still enjoyable. I think the aspect that has made Joss' previous works more successful, which this one lacks, is his ability to write amazing characters. Most of the main characters are people who have had thier personalities wiped and have new personalities inserted in them. So you are not really getting to know a character because they play someone different every week. But aside from that it is a good show. I'll buy the series when it comes out and then be sad that there isn't any more of it.

So when I visit people's blog who have a link to my blog and it says that I haven't posted in like 5 months, I feel so disheartened. How do you come back after being gone for so long? Should I even try to start this again?

Since I last posted...

Jon and I have been living in our condo for almost five months now. We love it. Owning your own place is fantastic. The part that I really enjoy is noticing things that I would like to change and then knowing that one day I might actually be able to make those changes.

Work is going wonderfully well. I have moved into the Metals Lab and am now working on one of the ICP-OESs (that's Optical Emission Spectroscopy using an Inductively Coupled Plasma). It is much more of a challenge then working on the PC Titrate. The data reporting is a lot more involved. I also had a totally awesome yearly progress review. I exceed expectations.

I've read some excellent books lately:

1) Evolution by Stephen Baxter- This is a fictional story that traces the lineage of the human species starting with a proto-primate that was around 65 million years ago with the dinosaurs and ends 500 million years into the future. It is epic in it's time span but at each time period it focuses in on one character who was slightly different then the others around them and thus helped evolution in it's course.

2) The World Without Us by Alan Weisman- This book looks at the impact that humans have on the world around us and speculates what would happen to Earth if humans suddenly vanished but left our entire infrastructure in place. I found this book quite troublesome, but also optimistic.

3) The Daily Planet Book of Cool Ideas by Jay Ingram- I enjoyed this book. It takes a look at what people are doing to help combat climate change. Some of the ideas have wide spread, global implications. But some are just from average people doing what they can to try to lessen their impact on our wonderful planet. This book is extra special to me because Jon got it for me for my birthday, without me asking for it. We sometimes watch Daily Planet together and he saw the ads for it and then saw it in the store and thought that I might like it because I'm "all into the planet and stuff".

4) The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene- This is about String Theory, one of physics latest attempts to unite the four fundamental forces of the universe. This book is not for the faint of heart. Understanding the basic qualitative aspects of String Theory requires an open mind and a willingness to see the universe differently from how you were taught to see it.

There are two major events coming to my family in to next while. The first will be the birth of my niece sometime around the end of July. I am planning a trip to Ontario sometime in August to meet her. The next is Jeremy's wedding in March 2010. After 5 years of dating, Jeremy finally proposed to Kim at Christmas time. So that is another trip to Ontario! I personally just want to move there. It would save all the hassle and environmental impact of flying.

My best friend in the whole world, Danielle, is in China right now. She is there for at least a year teaching English. She has been there for a month. This is something that Danielle has talked about doing for years. I am proud of her for doing it. I am hoping to visit her in January.

Vacation time is one of the fabulous things about working in a full time, permanent position. This August will mark the first time that I have worked for a company full time for a whole year. It feels good. I do still struggle with seeing this is as a career type of a job. I like the idea that if I wanted to I could be there for many years to come. I like the stability of that. But I don't think I am being used to my full potential. I know that they can see at least part of it, otherwise they would not have given me the position I have now. I don't really think there is a position there that could use me to my full potential. I guess that sounds kind of smug of me, but it's the truth. I suppose that is the norm though. The world would most certainly not be in the state it is in if everyone was used to their full potential.

This year I am participating in the Mother's Day Walk/Run for the Stollery Children's Hospital. Work has a team put together and I decided that I should do it. I was really hoping that it would motivate me to get back into running. But it really hasn't. I will be surprised if I even break 30min on my 5km. I guess I am just not used to running by myself. I always ran with a team and a coach there cracking the whip. I wish I had some motivation because I really do miss it.

I wrote a macro at work. I hadn’t written any code for about 4 years and hadn’t used visual basic for 9. I was surprised at how easily it came back to me. I have discovered that I really do like programming. It is a satisfying challenge. So much fun to watch your code work in the end.

So that is really all I have to say. Maybe sometime soon I will find a topic to write about and actually write about it instead of all the other things I thought worthy of a blog post that never made it.