Wednesday, October 15, 2008


...So maybe I am rubbing it in. The NDP isn't even the party that I voted for (Go Green), but my socialistic nature just can't get over it. I had to check the standings again to make sure that I didn't make a blog post about a dream.

Apparently Mr. Jaffer has not yet conceded the riding to Ms. Duncan. There is currently an official validation under way, which apparently could take a couple of days. Mr. Jaffer is waiting until that is over to concede. A validation is something that naturally occurs when the race is so tight, but I think he is just being a sore loser.

Do you think this means that the university students actually got out and voted?

Well, whatever it was. It feels good.
To: Mr. Ultra-Conservative-Redneck who lives next door to my inlaws,

The Ultra-Ultra-Socialist-Hippies have spoken.

Your time has passed.

Have a good night!

Are you kidding me?...

Am I reading this right?

Last night when I went to bed I had thoughts of "what was the point of this?".

At that point the Conservatives had a minority and had swept Alberta.

I woke up to more election coverage.

They scrolled through the results by province.

I noticed something...

Conservative- 27, NDP- 1


I was shocked, I thought "could it be, my riding, the NDP finally did what they have been so close to doing for so long?"

I looked it up, and it was!!!

Linda Duncan- 20,076 Rahim Jaffer- 19,634 (courtesy

There is hope in Alberta...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 06, 2008

So I haven't grown

Today, being Monday, I have the day off. I am doing laundry and cleaning. It is a little chilly in the apartment because I left the windows open last night. I decided that I needed to wear an old, raggy sweater. I couldn't find my UofA sweater, so I dug out my elementary school grad sweater. When I put it on I realized how absolutely ridiculous it is that I can still wear a sweater that I got 12 years ago when I was 12 years old. It's not like I am 32 and wearing my old university sweater. I am 24 and wearing my old elementary school sweater. It still fits, just a little big. Although, in my defense, I have gained about 35lbs since then, so it must have been really big when I got it.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


This morning on my bus ride to work I was thinking about a conversation I recently had at work with the twins (twin girls my age who were hired at the same time as me) about how we decided which party to vote for. They said that they do not really follow politics and in the last election voted for the same party as their parents. I said that I have not been influenced by my parents because I vote Green (except in my second election where Jack Layton visited my riding the week before the election day and there was a small chance that the NDP might take my riding, very small chance, it was stifled after 3 polling stations reported. I thought I was being good by voting strategically. I'll never do that again. But I digress) and this was the first election that my Dad was considering voting Green. I was thinking I was being all independent and such.

Well, a memory came flooding back this morning on the bus. It was 1993 (or maybe it was 1997. The year doesn't really matter). This was the year that I was first becoming more aware of the fact that the government was formed during an election. I even watched the results with my parents. My family was driving along the road that divides Vancouver from one of it's suburbs, Burnaby, and I saw a sign advertising the Green Party. I asked my Dad what that was all about. He told me they were a group that believed in supporting the environment. I thought that was a novel concept. I liked the outdoors and therefore liked the idea of supporting the environment. Later that night he went onto the new and wonderful "internet" and printed off some literature on the Green Party. I remember being fascinated and thinking that when I was old enough to vote I would vote for the Green Party. Up until this morning I was convinced that my parents had not influenced my political views. I was wrong. That's all right though, since I love and respect my parents.

It always amazes me how memories work.


Remember, we are less then two weeks away...


The French Debate

Ah the debates...

The French debate was tonight, for those of you who missed it. I found it interesting enough, better then past debates. I like the round table formate better then the podiums. Was that the formate for the last federal debates? I missed them last time.

The point I enjoyed most was one made by Ms. May and Mr. Layton when they were talking about crime and they said that Mr. Harper has broken some of his own legislation and followed others. What kind of an example is that for Canadians, who are supposed to follow all laws, when the government is deciding which of it's own laws it follows.

Harper's answers to all the questions on health care, I thought, were weak. His response of- we have legislation to cooperate with the provinces- for all of the questions were non descriptive at best.

I liked the fact that Ms. May was able to keep her emotions in check. You know, the excitement that must come with being in your first national debate combined with her usual amounts of passion whenever she is speaking, I was worried that she might get a little carried away. But she stayed out of the squabbles for the most part and made her points clearly and decisively.

Overall, things seemed to be more in control. In the past I can recall coming out of debates completely exhausted and less clear on party platforms. This time wasn't as confusing. This may be because I was watching the French debate dubbed over with English and perhaps for the most part they only dubbed the person who was supposed to be speaking. Can someone who watched it in French clarify this for me?

Unfortunately I will miss the English debate because I have a previous commitment. I'm sure it will be shown again.