Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ultra Conservatives

I recently found myself in a conversation with a person who is quite possibly the most ultra conservative, redneck, I have ever met. He is Jon's parent's neighbour. He claims he sleeps with a gun under his pillow. I believe it.

Anyways, politics came up, as they do around these times and somewhere along the line I called Stephen Harper a war mongerer. Then he said the US went into Afghanistan to free the people from the Taliban. I said, no it was because they were mad about 9/11 and gave the people what they wanted, which was blood. He agreed (or at least said he agreed) on that point. I thought I was making gains. Then he called the Liberals a bunch of ultra socialists who's socialist ideas would ruin the economic fabric of the country. At that point I gave up. I realized it was a hopeless cause. I considered, but then rejected, the idea of mentioning that the Liberals are actually in the middle of the Canadian political landscape for fear that his head might explode if he was informed about the crazy ideas of the actual socialist party(ies) in Canada.

I think that was a worse case of ultra conservatism then when I was told that the NDP are a bunch of communists, who would take away my choice to be Christian, during the recent provincial election.

Why do so many Salvationists vote Conservative? I mean I can understand the Catholics backing the Conservatives, but why do so many Salvationists peddle the Conservatives?

I need to post something

I have had all of these ideas, that I think would make good blog posts, over the past few weeks, and have not gotten around to posting them. One thing about working and not being in school is that I don't have homework to be distracted from. That is when most of my posts occurred, when I was stuck on a physics/math problem and needed a break. Now I don't have that and lately, t.v. has been far to interesting. Which is another problem. I need to cut back. I keep saying that I need to do some PDE's but then I do like two problems and stop, even though I have been wanting to further my knowledge of them for quite some time. I just need to get back into it. Watching t.v is way to easy.

Work is going really well. We have been getting busy. Two weeks ago we were super busy because one of our clients was involved in an oil spill up north. I guess it wasn't big enough to make the news though because I don't recall seeing anything (people are free to correct me if they heard anything). I can't imagine how busy it would be if there was a make-the-news sized spill. I wonder how often there is a spill that the public never hears about. I keep getting more things to be responsible for, which I think is a good sign. I really like and respect both my supervisor and the senior chemist. Life is good for me when I respect the people above me in a job.

Being married is still the best thing ever. It has it's challenges, but they are welcomed challenges. Jon is past the half way mark for school. He is counting down the days.

Danielle (best friend ever) is coming to visit in just over a month. She will be our first guest since Susan stayed over for the first couple of nights while the power situation was being resolved with her apartment. Danielle and I are planning a trip to Jasper and the Columbian Ice Fields. I can't wait!

I did actually topics of interest to post about and when I remember them, if they are still relevant, I will post them.