Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Some news

I also have some news. I will be starting a new job when I get back from the honeymoon. I have accepted a position with a company called Maxxam Analytics. They are the largest privately owned, analytical laboratory company in North America. They do analysis in environmental, petroleum, air, ultra trace and specialty analysis, food and DNA, paternity and drug testing services. Specifically, the lab in Edmonton does soil sample analysis. I will be working as an Analyst in the Inorganic Soil Preparation group.

I am very pleased and very relieved. I had applied to Maxxam and had an interview at their job fair before I started with DHQ and then another interview shortly after. The job fair I guess didn't work out, but that was okay because they were just hiring for sample sorters and such. The second interview was for an analyst in the Organic Volatiles group and seemed to be going well, up until the point I said I would need to have half of July off and I was told that was their busiest time and that would not be possible, so that didn't work out. But I guess they kept my name on file because on Tuesday I got an email offering me this other job. I couldn't say no. I have been praying and hoping for a job with this company for a while. They seem like a really good company to work for based on the info they have regarding their principles and values and their performance and development. We seem to agree on those things. This job is only temporary until the end of 2008, but I am told there is possibility of an extension or a permanent position becoming available. I will just have to dazzle them with my awesomeness to show them that they want to keep me around.

This job seems like a good step forward. Recently I came to the realization that I had been taking jobs that I didn't really want, but seemed slightly better then the one I had before. Two summers ago I took the job at Tim Hortons because it paid better then Shoppers. Recently I took the job at DHQ because it seemed better then the kitchen at the ARC and then I was going to apply to a payroll job at the ARC to escape DHQ. When I was looking at the job description for that one, that is when I came to my realization. I was sad. But not a week after admitting this to myself, I was offered a job that I wanted. Amazing how those things work.

It has been a while since I have done any chemistry. I am going to have to dig out the old textbook and do some reading on the drive to and from Ontario.

I now have a job in a science position and I couldn't be happier.

Two Weeks

The big day is two weeks away! There is still so much to do before we leave for Ontario in a week. Mostly, we have to clean the apartment, get Jon's stuff moved in and pack. All three of those will be chores in themselves. I can not believe that it is only two weeks away. The whole thing feels so surreal.

Question: Why do weddings make some people not think straight? How can I offend people I don't even know by not inviting them to a wedding for two people they don't even know? I'm sorry, but meeting me as a baby and then not making an attempt at communication for 23 years does not mean that you know me and does not warrant an invitation to my wedding. Adults are confusing sometimes.

My dress finally came back from alterations... after 4 and a half months with only 2 and a half weeks to spare... that was a relief.

Friday, July 04, 2008

A question...

Why is it that when there is a major political crisis going on somewhere in the world, CBC always chooses to interview the diplomat to Canada for that country? A few mornings ago, CBC had an interview with the Zimbabwe diplomate to Canada. Why? They never tell the truth. They are always going to side with their countries current government. Possibly because they believe in them, or because they don't want to lose their jobs. There is no point in the diplomat interview. In doing an interview like that, it almost seems to me that CBC is saying, see it isn't really that bad, just relax Canada. It's just another form of Mugambe propaganda and it is shamful that CBC is participating in it.