Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The post on Ben's blog today made me think of one of my favorite quotes:

"Let no man, out of conceit or laziness, think or believe that anyone can search too far or be too well informed in the book of God's Words or the book of God's Works: religion or science. Instead, let everyone endlessly improve their understanding of both."

~Sir Francis Bacon

Thursday, May 25, 2006

For those of you asking

I am employed at the Tim Horton's on Argyll and 88th (I think) St. All are welcome to come and visit me and be as annoying as possible.

Michael, your order is either a chicken salad sandwhich on white with a fruit punch and a brownie or chilly with a white bun and fruit punch and a brownie.

Back to the Hortons

Well, I'm sure I said it would never happen again, but I am once again an employee of a Tim Horton’s restaurant. Really, who can pass up $10/hr? Guaranteed full time. Especially when the job I currently have pays a measly $7.50/hr. Also they have hired me to work the 7am-3pm shift and the only time I will have to work the 3-11pm shift will be every second Sunday. They are being completely accommodating with both church and Street Ministry. That's the sweetest deal ever. I suppose I will stay at Shoppers for a couple shifts a week so that I can take advantage of the %30 staff discount. I am so relieved right now to have a job where I am actually making enough money to afford such luxuries as rent, food and telephone!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Friday, May 19, 2006


Today, my Mom turns 50 years old!! It's hard to believe.

Mom, I love you so much. I'm so proud that you are my Mom. Your card will, of course, be late. Sorry. I hope you have an excellent time with whatever surprise your sisters have cooked up for you. Love you lots. Stephanie

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Insert shriek of excitement here

Detroit 27 13 .675 -
Chi White Sox 26 14 .650 1.0
Cleveland 20 21 .488 7.5
Minnesota 17 24 .415 10.5
Kansas City 10 28 .263 16.0

Okay so maybe two posts in a row about the Tigers standings is a little crazy and well, down right boring to the average person who reads my blog, but my Tigers, the Detriot Tigers, are in first place not only in their division, but in all of Major League Baseball. That sounds so wierd...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


25 13 .658 -
Chi White Sox
25 13 .658 -
Cleveland 18 21 .462 7.5
Minnesota 17 22 .436 8.5
Kansas City 10 26 .278 14.0

38 games in and tied for first!!!

12 games above .500.

I am absolutely loving this.

My geek roots are much more expansive then just physics, astronomy and math.

People sized holes in walls

43e (<- that's Mazy saying Hi!)

Reading is one of my favorite things to do. For the first time since about September, I spent the entire evening last night reading a novel! It was so nice. What was I reading you all ask? Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card. I picked it up yesterday. Ender's Shadow follows the events of Ender's Game, except from the perspective of Bean, Ender's eventual right hand man. It's probably a good thing that Coles in the Boonie Doon didn't have it whenever I looked while school was in. But now that school is done, I can pleasure read guilt free. Books from the "Ender Universe" are absolutely my favorite books. Jill tells me that the books that follow Bean are even better then the Ender ones, but the Ender ones are amazing. I don't see how that is possible. So I'm very excited. I think everyone should read Ender's Game and the other seven books in the series. Hmm, I think this is actually my second selling post for the Ender books. That's ok, they're good, read them.

There hasn't been a physics post in a long time. Wait for it. Anticipate it. There may soon be one.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Drugged out on Cat Nip

There hasn't been a picture of Mazy and Tesseract in a while, so here you go. They're so cute when they have cat nip.

How are the Tigers doing?

I'm sure you have all been wanting an answer to that question. Well here you go

Chi White Sox 23 10 .697 -
Detroit 21 13 .618 2.5
Cleveland 17 18 .486 7.0
Minnesota 15 19 .441 8.5
Kansas City 10 22 .313 12.5

That's right, they are still above .500 and in second in their division!

Here's a Tigers blog for people's reading pleasure.

I really have nothing to say. Been looking for jobs. Have an interview on Monday. Woohoo.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Post Exam Camping Trip 2006

As I mentioned earlier, I just got back from my post exam camping trip with Carol, Glenna, Vani and Adrian. We hit 4 provincial parks; Dinosaur, Writing on Stone, Dry Island Buffalo Jump and Rochon Sands. It was amazing.

Even though I had been to Dinosaur 2 years previous, I was still blown away by how incredible it was. It was beautiful on when we arrived on Friday evening and then on Saturday for our long day of exploration. Friday evening was the clearest night I have ever seen, we were in a dark sight and there was no moon. Darkest sky ever. We spent 6 hours on Saturday exploring the park. It's so much fun climbing all the hills and rock formations. It was another story when we woke up on Sunday. It was windy, cloudy and raining. Still we headed out again. Carol and Glenna had gone out earlier that morning and came back with a report of a possible fossil sighting. So we had to all go and check this out. The picture with the thumb below is the fossil. It was very exciting and in a rather difficult spot to get to. We wanted to report our finding but since the park was closed, there was no one to report it to. So it stays unreported. Because of the rain we ended up staying an extra night in Dinosaur because we didn't want to pack up the soaking tents. So we hid out in the group camp cook cabin. Monday we thankfully woke up to a nice, sunny morning. We did some more exploring and then headed out to Writing on Stone.

I thought Dinosaur was amazing, Writing on Stone is even more so. There are so many hoodoos all beside each other. It looks like a huge castle. We spent all of Tuesday exploring Writing on Stone. In the morning we did the trails hoping to see the petroglyphs. Unfortunately most of them are in the restricted area across the Milk River which is only open by guided tour when the park is open during the summer. So we only saw one petroglyph. It was a huge battle scene. In the afternoon we wandered the hoodoos. They were perfect for rock climbing. We spent five hours making our way to the end of the park. It took us 15min to walk back to our camp site. There was so much climbing to do. It was so much fun. I've never been to a more incredible, unreal looking place. Picture a sea of hoodoos, split down the middle by a river with rolling hills and a mountain in the background. On Wednesday morning we woke up to cold and packed up the camp. It actually started to snow.

After Writing on Stone we decided that we wanted to see Dry Island Buffalo Jump. The map told us that there was camping. There wasn't any. So we walked around the park. It was cool. It is highest and most northern buffalo jump in Alberta. It was this huge valley with forest, prairie, badlands and the Red Deer river. It was so warm down there after spending 3 days out in the cold. Since we couldn't camp in Dry Island, we decided to make our way to Rochon Sands. We thought we would throw in a lake, since we hadn’t visited one yet. It was very pretty. And excitement of all excitements, Carol caught a Tiger Beetle. Now, this may not seem exciting to the average reader, but for the last 3 years I have been going on camping trips with Carol and she has had 'tiger beetle sightings' but was never able to catch one until this trip. I have to admit, I was rather excited to see one. The tiger beetle is featured in the last picture of the Rochon Sands set.

There is no better way to celebrate the end of an exam time then spending 6 days outdoors and exploring all the amazing places in Alberta.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Writing on Stone Provincial Park

Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park

Rochon Sands Provincial Park

Thursday, May 04, 2006

2 things while I was gone

First my sister, Kimberly, sent me an alphabit poem that she had to write for her Writers Craft class. I thought it was very amussing and thus am sharing it with all of you

Angel was his second show, spin-off of the famous
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which has a few
Comical relief episodes that involve slaying
Deamons and Vampires by the chosen girl.
Every generation has a slayer, then comes a Sci-fi view,
Firefly, short lived for 15 episodes, for the
Gerrymonders wond the batte of the ratings and sadly
Hair-brained Fox station sent it to the grave.
Intuition was in the mind of all in "Trash" when
Joss made the sad annoucement, Serinity has perished.
Killing two favourites, he is mean in all his creations.
Lamentations for the dead, for all three shows in rest,
Memories of the series, fate now lies in the DVD's.
Never take the sky from me, Whedonist will unite.
Once more with feeling, Joss will make a stand,
Patiently awaiting, this sequal soon to appear.
Quiet as a geek, but he is not afraid to share while
Reading Shakespeare out loud with his pal Giles.
Slaying off his ideas from fans in hard core,
Travelling to Los Angeles, seek guidance from teh A.I.
Ubber amounts of great phrases, remembering the lines,
Virtous is his nature, vampires, cowboys alike, is all.
Witches of shir power, telepathics that kills with brains,
Xander can never get the girl, but thats all been done.
Yammering on and on, Angel really needs to get sun.
Zoe can kick arse and Jayne is a girls name.

Second, the Tigers are 19-10! They finished the month of April with a winning record. I have never witnessed this. They won 16 games in the month of April. 16 wins is the most they have had in April since they went 35-5 in 1984. I wasn't even one year old yet. That was the last time they won the World Series. It would be nice to see them have a winning season.

Back from the wilderness

I'm back from my camping trip. It was amazing. We live in an absolutely incredible province. I'm happy to report that there were no major injuries! I did however have an unfortunate incident with a prickly pear cactus. A spine went right through the side of my left shoe and into my poor unsuspecting baby toe. Carol had to pull it out. Prickly pear cactus' are very painful. Until about 4 hours ago, I hadn't showered in 6 days! I'm sure all of you wanted to know that. Sometimes it's fun to be allowed to be really dirty. Did you know that you can see a mountain to the east of Waren (a town just outside of Taber). Isn't that weird? I'll post some pictures of all the adventuring tomorrow.