Thursday, April 27, 2006

Done and Heading Out

I'm finished!!! I'm so happy:) And tomorrow am heading out to the fabuluos destinations of Dinosaur and Writing on Stone Provincial Parks. Oh to be in the middle of no where, away from almost everything. Plus I get to test out my new pack and sleeping bag. Very exciting. I don't think there is a better way to end an exam time then being outside for 6 days straight. Fresh air and dirt here I come.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Alternate Dimension?

Chi White Sox 14 6 .700 -
Detroit 13 9 .591 2.0
Cleveland 10 10 .500 4.0
Minnesota 8 11 .421 5.5
Kansas City 4 14 .222 9.0

It's insanity folks...we are 22 games into the season and Detroit is still in the running for the AL Central. And they're even above .500! Now I know you are all probably saying "22 games in, big deal, they play like a million"... but this is the Tigers we're talking about here.

In other news, have I mentioned that Electromagnetic Theory is the worst area of physics ever? It is so boring. I've been falling asleep while trying to get through the textbook. I have the exam for that class tomorrow. Then I'll never have to take it ever again.

Monday, April 24, 2006

2 down 3 to go

Study breaks to blog about absolutely nothing and to watch Star Trek Voyager are awesome.

I wrote Quantum Mechanics today. It was... Quantum Mechanics. It's done, there is nothing I can do about it now. Unfortunetly I didn't know how to derive the spin matrices for a spin 1 particle as I couldn't remember how the derivation went for a spin 1/2 particle. The good news is that none of the people I talked to afterwards knew how to do it either. Go curve go.

In other news, Silent Hill came out on Friday. I intend on going to see it as early as possible after getting back from camping. I have been told that it's awesome and is very close to the game. Who wants to come with? Cause I am not seeing it by myself. I'll be way to scared.

Hmm, well Voyager is over so I supose I should study some more. I have Partial Differential Equations tomorrow and since that was my favorite class I would like to do well on the exam.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Forever Grateful

You did not wait for me
to draw near to You
But You clothed Yourself
with frail humanity
You did not wait for me
to cry out to You
But You let me hear Your Voice
calling me
And I'm Forever Grateful to You
I'm Forever Grateful for The Cross
I'm Forever Grateful to You

"Then, as He was now drawing near the decent of the Mount
of Olives, the whole multitude of the disciples began to
rejoce and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty
works they had seen saying
'Blessed is the King who comes
in the name of the Lord!'
'Peace in heaven and glory
in the highest'
And some of the Pharisees called to Him from the crowd,
'Teacher, rebike Your disciples'
But he answered and said to them,
'I tell you that if these should keep silent
the stones would immediately cry out'"
Luke 19:37-40

Friday, April 21, 2006

One More Week!!!

These are some images from Dinosaur and Writing on Stone Provincial Parks. In a week, I will be heading out to these fabulous locations. Who needs to head out to some forgein destination when there is beauty like this in our backyard. Out of all the geographical regions I've been to in Canada, the Badlands are my favorite so far. I'm so excited that we are going back there this year. It's so much fun climbing all the different rock formations. And the colours are just amazing. You really can't imagine it until you have been there, photos really don't do the Badlands justice.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Studying Outside

It was such a beautiful day out today that I had to spend some time studying outside. I don't know if it was the outdoors, or the fact that I have now finished my course on partial differential equations and thus have the appropriate math background, but my quantum mechanics just seemed to make so much sense. Mazy wanted to help out. Her and Schrodinger's Cat are pretty tight. I also had a ladybug offer to help out. And Tesseract was just being cute.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mars in a sea of stars

I have my astronomy exam in just under three hours. It's open book. I have made notes of my notes and don't know of anything else to do except panic.

I'm making Kraft Dinner and listening to The Cranberries- No Need to Argue (The Complete Session 1994-1995). The Cranberries have been my favorite band since I was 11.

I'm now eating Kraft Dinner and listening to The Cranberries. Have I mentioned how much I hate exam time?

Doesn't Mars look so pretty sitting by the open star clusters M35 and NGC2158?

P.S. Dad- this is what a Lagrange Point is

Monday, April 17, 2006


I really should be studying. Blogging is horrible. I have my ASTRO 322-Galaxies in the Universe exam on Wednesday. I love astronomy. I hated most of that class. I never knew a professor could take topics as interesting as formation, structure and classification of galaxies and make it so boring. We didn't get through half of the course info. We didn't even touch active galaxies which are the coolest things ever. The course website has some pretty cool things on it though. That's the only good thing about the class. Even the textbook is horrible. It's also an open book exam. So all I am doing to study is making formula sheets and stuff like that from my notes. I can't wait until this exam is over with and then I can start studying for real exams for real classes. Like Partial Differential Equations, which is one of the best classes I have taken in my entire university career. I enjoyed the course so much I am even taking Intermediate PDEs next year. Who would have thought.
If anyone can tell me where the veggies in a bag came from, you're cool.

Speaking of my astronomy class, from Star Trek: TNG- The Survivors
Picard: Where did that ship come from?
Riker: It was riding on the Legrange point, hiding behind Rana 4's moon.
It made me laugh.

The more I learn about physics, the more impressed I am with the fact that a lot of the science mumble jumble talk they have on Star Trek actually comes from real physics and astronomy.

Mexico here I come

It's official... I got my "on behalf of the Leadership Team and the Mission Mexico Selection Team, I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected for Mission Mexico 2007" letter:) I am very excited!!! I know it's going to be an amazing experience and I am so thankful for the opportunity.

Sweet, that means that if all goes according to plan, I'll get to go to Hawaii over reading week with Jill, Janet and Alyshia and to Mexico at the end of March. Yeah! So exciting!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Your only Son No sin to hide But You have sent Him, From Your side To walk upon this guilty sod And to become the Lamb of God Your gift of Love They crucified They laughed and scorned him as he died The humble King They named a fraud And sacrificed the Lamb of God Oh Lamb of God, Sweet lamb of God I love the Holy Lamb of God Oh wash me in His precious Blood My Jesus Christ the Lamb of God I was so lost I should have died But You have brought me to Your side To be led by Your staff and rod And to be called a lamb of God

"Do not be alarmed,
You seek Jesus of Nazareth
who was crucified.
Mark 16:6

Lyrics- Twila Paris
Photo- APOD

What, it snowed?

Was my reaction when I went to let the cats out this morning. I love living in a place where it can be in the high teens for a week straight and then suddenly snow. Mazy and Tesseract didn't love it too much.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It Came From Physics

So as I have mentioned, my Electromagnetic Theory class is really boring. A couple of classes ago, we were all passing around a poem. About half of the Phys 381/372 class contributed to this wonderful work of poetic glory. It kind of goes on forever. Enjoy.

Grades might be falling
But poetry is calling.
Sanity is lacking
But you don't see me panicking.
The pen wars are ragging
They're really quite engaging.
E&M is boring
Soon I will be snoring.
As I am drifting away,
I realize we're getting closer to May.
If I continue sneezing
Winds will begin breezing.
Solutions are so hard to see
All we can do is keep drinking coffee.
The room is spinning around
Oh wait, that's the electron cloud.
Perhaps you need to be more stable
Drop to the ground state if you're able.
Gingrich keeps on talking
So we will keep on mocking.
All he does is copy the book
We can tell with just one look.
He really isn't such a bad guy
If he'd just look you in the eye.
I wish I was high
That's no lie.
i's, hbars and psi
What's happening, oh my.
You know you're going insane
When a 1D S.E is looking plain.
I thought 4 chapters was enough
Well hurray, assignment 10's no bluff.
Now we are in state "s&m"
I wish I had majored in chem!
We keep talking about spin
A name made up on a whim.
Why do all classes talk about evolution?
Is that the result of every solution?
Photons and mesons aren't too pleasing
"Nature's building blocks" shouldn't be teasing.
The board is so dusty,
My eyes are so rusty.
This stuff is too deep,
I just want to sleep.
Why did I ever wake up?
Now I run on sleep in a cup.
The end of class is now near.
Evaluations profs must fear.
Oh, it will be a good day
As the bad ones then will pay.
By now it's only 2 days left
And we've learned nothing. This is theft!
To Stewart we'll turn
So vector calculus we can learn
In time for the final exam
So we can say "Phys 481 bound I am!"
And so we've hit the end of the course
About electronmagnetic force.
It's certainly taken enough time
Sitting here should be a crime.

2:43AM and only 516 words left to go

Never spend 2 months doing research, realize 2 days before the essay is due that you do not have a thesis, finally decide upon a thesis, which turns out to be rather complicated but there's no turning back at that point, on the morning 1 day before the essay is due, have to borrow 6 more books from the library and spend all night writing the essay.

It results in blog posts that are a single, run on sentince that probably makes no sense.

P.S. Carmel Frappichinos (spelling?) from Starbucks are a very good way to stay up for hours and hours past normal bedtime hours when one is not used to caffine consumption.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Jeremy, I hope you have an excellent birthday. You can be such a goof sometimes and it always make my day. Miss you lots. Love Stephanie

Sunday, April 09, 2006

"I love baseball. You know, it doesn't have to mean anything. It's just beautiful to watch"

That quote is by Leonard Zelig (Woody Allen) from the movie Zelig.

Have I mentioned that baseball is one of my greatest loves. It has been for as long as I can remember. My favorite way to spend a summer evening is in a baseball park in some small town watching an A level team play. Unfortunetly, you can't get that in Canada anymore.

Have I also mentioned that both of my teams are in first place in their respective divisions? In fact, the Tigers are in first in the American League.

Is talking about baseball better then talking about physics in my posts?

When I have kids the first things I am going to teach them about is Jesus, baseball and astronomy.
This is a cool picture that was on the Astronomy Picture of the Day today. This is of the molecular cloud Barnard 68. It's so neat how there are so many stars and then there is just nothing. A molecular cloud is a cloud that is so dense that it blocks out all the light from the background stars. These cold, dense, lifeless looking clouds are thought to be the birthplaces of stars.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My SAGA t-shirt

Today I purchased a t-shirt from SAGA (Students Against Global Apathy). They are a student group on campus. They have been selling t-shirts in various locations across campus pretty much all semester and I kept saying I want one of those t-shirts and finally went to get one. Of course I waited to long and the 2 that I really wanted they had none of the right sizes left. The ones that I wanted said "Make cookies, not war" and "peace starts here". But I think this one is adorible with the fishies in the geeky glasses.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Geeky Bookshelf

I have the coolest bookshelf ever.

The Heritage Hubble Project website has something rather neat. It has a section called the Hubble Pan and Zoom Gallery. You can zoom into some of Hubble's most beautiful photos to see some of the detail that you would normally miss. It's pretty cool.
Team W L

Detroit 2 0

Chicago 1 1

Cleveland 1 1

0 1

Kansas City 0 2

I know it's increadibly early, but I've never even seen Detroit in first in the standings.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I thought this was kind of a neat picture because the light from the sun is all ray like on the walls from the mesh on my screen door. Anyways, light is pretty cool with its photon and its wave properties.

Mmm, Mini Eggs

Mmm, I splurged and bought a Family Pack of Mini Eggs. They were on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart, where I went to pick up Income Tax forms and sillily picked up the guide but completely missed the forms.

4 DAYS!!!

Until the Edmonton Public Library Spring Booksale!! This is one of my favorite events of the year:)

Baseball is Back:)

Baseball season is back on. Baseball is my favorite of the professional sports. My favorite MLB teams are the Detroit Tigers and the Oakland Athletics. Oakland started the season by being spanked by the hated Yankees 15-2. But very happily, Detroit started the season beated Kansas City 3-1. Hopefully neither team breaks my heart this year as they have in so many past years.

Monday, April 03, 2006


It seems sometimes that the need to post is very strong, but sometimes the creative juicies just aren't flowing. So what could make a better post then boys making bracelets?