Wednesday, August 30, 2006

To My Wonderful Father

Dad, you know I agree with or at least respect pretty much all the opinions that you have, but burning Jocelyn Bell goes too far. Your recent blog post leads me to believe that you did not do your research concerning the Pluto issue and who exactly the members of IAU are. For example, you saying that Jocelyn Bell is nothing more then a suit who has never spent an evening looking through a cold telescope could not be more incorrect. You realized you just laid a huge burn on one of my favorite observational astronomers, second only to the great Henrietta Swan Leavitt. Observational astronomer being the key descriptive words here. Jocelyn Bell spent the first 2 years of her PhD at Cambridge (from 1965-67) helping to construct an 81.5MHz radio telescope, which was suppose to be used to track quasars. Her job, once the telescope went operational was to analyze the chart paper containing the readouts from the telescope. After a couple weeks, she noticed a blip on the readout. She recognized the blip as being from a pulsar (As opposed to her professor who got all hyper and decided that it must be a signal from an alien civilization, but that is an amusing side story for another time). That's right, Dad, Jocelyn Bell was the first to detect evidence of a pulsar, by using a telescope. She later married and became Jocelyn Bell Burnell. Dr. Bell Burnell has done work in observational astronomy using all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Dad, you know I love you, but I am very disappointed that you could make such an opinionated statement without having done your research.

As for Pluto being "demoted", get over it people. I love it how suddenly now that the decision has been officially made people are like "what they can't do that to Pluto". News flash people, astronomers have been debating the issue as to whether Pluto is actually a planet or not for about 50 years now. This isn't something new and maybe if people paid attention to the universe around them, this wouldn't come as such a shock. By the way, you can substitute the Pluto issue for almost any issue going on in the world right now. People don't pay attention to what is going on and then are shocked when something actually happens.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Spikey number 1

This weekend on the youth group caming trip I made many friends. There names were Spikey number 1, Spikey number 2, ... , Spikey number 5. The above photo is a picture of Spikey number 1. We met when he attached himself to my pants while walking through the woods on the way to the river. Spikey number 3 was the most special because, among other things, he had three spots running down his back.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And the farewells were said...

The last group photo before the great departing.
From L-R: Natasha, Carol, Me, Tim, Adrian, Glenna and Vani
There are a few absent:(

My Masai Knife

As I'm sure many of you know, recently my dear and good friends, Carol and Glenna, spent 80 days teaching in Tanzania. While they were there, they picked up gifts for all of their good and dear friends back in Canada. When it came to my gift they thought to themselves, "selves, what should we get Steph?" The obvious answer came to them very quickly, "a weapon!" they thought. They searched long and hard for the perfect weapon. They first thought a club, but then laid their eyes upon the Masai knife and thought "this is the weapon for Steph". Thus, I am the proud owner of a genuine Masai knife. Thanks Carol and Glenna.

There is a very amusing side story with this, which involves Carol and Glenna declaring their clothing as cotton at customs flying back to Canada but forgetting to declare the knife. The custom lady thought they were crazy for thinking they needed to declare their clothing as cotton. Little did she know that they were actually smuggling a weapon on board.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Boo Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons SUCKS!!!

And they're stinky too.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Lightning Picture

Went to Jasper today. On the way back there was some wicked lightning, so I put my camera on the longest exposure it has and tried my luck. This was the best one I got.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My New Apartment

Here are some pictures of my new apartment. The kitchen and the wonderfully nice tile floor in the kitchen that I love. The gigantic bathroom. The living room with gas fireplace. I can't wait to move!!!


Today my sister, Katrina, and I were at West Ed and I saw the most infuriating t-shirt ever. This girl who was probably about 14 years old had on her t-shirt "I'm too pretty to do math". I wanted to slap her mother silly. Fortunately, for the mother, I had an appointment at the bank this afternoon and didn't think it would be appropriate to show up with bruised knuckles. Too pretty to do math, so what does that make me? More importantly, it is exactly attitudes like that, which give girls that age not enough confidence to go into fields like physics and mathematics when they get older. Women just started being allowed in these fields in the last 100 years. We've come so far in a hundred years. But once again society is trying to take these things away from us by making young girls believe that they wont be cool enough or pretty enough if they like physics and math. Things like that are very upsetting.

Here is a website that I like: Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics

That is all, thank you for your attention.

School Starts in 22 Days

I'm convincing myself that I'm excited about school starting again. I'm sure I actually am. But once it starts, I'll long for the days of summer. Isn't that always the way.

It is also only 16 days until I move, which I am definitly excited about.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bye Kim

Kim left Edmonton on Monday. That was sad.

Kim- Thanks for coming to visit me! It made for an awesome month and a half of summer. You should definitly come back next summer. Have fun packing for school.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Perseids Ahoy

Last night, Kim and I got to watch the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. It wasn't the best, but it was still really cool. We were out from 10:30pm to 12:15am and saw 14 meteors. One was increadibly bright. The clouds started to roll in at about midnight. So we packed it in. It was better then last years though. Last year I was at a dark sight but it rained the entire night. There really is not a lot that is more thrilling then seeing a really bright meteor streak across the sky. It gets my heart pounding every time.

Filthy Cat

I really don't know how he managed to get so dirty

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The packing has begun

Ah packing... I haven't had to do that in a while. Thankfully I don't really have that much stuff. So that's good. And I got tonnes of boxes from work. So I don't think I am any longer in need of boxes. I can't wait to move into my new place. It is offically mine now though since I signed the lease agreement and paid my security deposit. I get to move in on Sept. 1. So...anyone free on Sept. 1?

In other news, Blake and Snowball are very strange. Apparently they like to eat lettuce and were both consuming the left over lettuce from the sub I had for lunch today.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blake and Snowball

are doing fine Jason and Karlene. Don't worry.

Tesseract was being cute today

and decided she would sit on my shoulders. So I had to take a picture.