Sunday, July 30, 2006


So a couple of posts ago I mentioned that I was looking for a new place to live. Well I found one! So I'm moving out. I'm very excited about the new place. It's still in the same area that I'm in now, just slightly farther south. It's like a block away from where I work. The place is really nice. It's a 1 bedroom basement suite and newly renovated. I totally love the tile in the kitchen and the bathroom is huge. Oh ya and there's a hot tub in the backyard that I'm allowed to use. Anyways, I'm sure I could rant on and on about the place, but that would be boring. So instead I will state a request... if anyone has any boxes I could use, that would be really cool. I seem to have amassed a large number of books over the four years I have been here and they no longer fit in the one box that they came in when I moved here.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Totally stealing

So, I'm totally stealing this from Brett's blog (who totally stole it) cause I'm bored and it seems amussing

1. Rock star name: (pet and current street name)

Tesseract 87

2. Movie Star name: (grandfather/grandmother on mother’s side first name, favorite candy)
Lucy Starburst

3. “Fly girl/guy” name: (first initial of first name, first two or three letters of your last name)
S Gil

4. Detective name: (favorite animal, name of high school)
Cat Trenton

5. Soap Opera name: (middle name, city where you were born)
Joy North-Battleford

6. Opposite sex name: (name of dad/mom, cell phone company you use)

7. Star Wars name: (first 3 letters of your last name, last 3 letters of mother’s maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet’s name)
Gil'tle Maz

8. Your Jedi name: (middle name spelled backwards, your mom’s maiden name spelled backwards)
Yoj Eltsacdrah

9. Your Stage name: (middle name, street you grew up on)
Joy Stewart

10. Superhero name: (”the”, your favorite color, the first thing you see when you look to your left)
The Purple Cat

Monday, July 17, 2006

1million stars

Here is a picture of our galactic center taken in infrared. This photo contains almost a million stars. Pretty awesome huh? Also the really bright, red blob slightly above and to the right of the center is the very center of our galaxy, a region called Sagittarius A. Contained within Sagittarius A is a very strong radio point source known as Sagittarius A*. This has an estimated mass of 4.7x10^6 solar masses and is contained within a space of just 20AU (1AU is the distance between the Sun and the Earth). That is one of the arguments astrophysicists use in claiming that Sagittarius A* is a supermassive black hole.

In other news, I have not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 days off in a row. I only have 1 left. It was suppose to be only 3 in a row, but my manager called today and asked if I would work Thursday instead of Tuesday. Yay for lots of days off in a row. And what have I been doing on my days off you might ask? I have been looking for a new place to live! Sweet deal. Why do I want to move? Long story, you know blah, blah, blah. So if anyone knows of places in their neighborhoods that have now renting signs, let me know.

And how are the Tigers doing?

Detroit 62 30 .674 -
Chi White Sox 57 34 .626 4.5
Minnesota 50 40 .556 11.0
Cleveland 41 50 .451 20.5
Kansas City 32 59 .352 29.5

That's right, they are still in first and still the best team in baseball. I think by now, they have proven that they are genuine. It's still really hard to believe.

Friday, July 14, 2006



Dad, below is a picture of your birthday present.

Love you very much. Have an excellent day!!

Love: Stephanie

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Blake is so cute

No, Mom and Dad, this isn't my cat. He is Jason and Karlene's.

Rainbows are so pretty

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pretty Amazing

God of Justice, Saviour to all Came to rescue the weak and the poor Chose to serve and not be served Jesus, You have called us Freely we’ve received Now freely we will give We must go live to feed the hungry Stand beside the broken We must go Stepping forward keep us from just singing Move us into action We must go To act justly everyday Loving mercy in everyway Walking humbly before You God You have shown us, what You require Freely we’ve received Now freely we will give Fill us up and send us out Fill us up and send us out Fill us up and send us out Lord

Above are the lyrics to the song God of Justice by Tim Hughes. It's a pretty awesome song. We sang it at Fluid. It's something that I think should be a challenge to all Christians, especially Salvationists. As William Booth is quoted to have said in his final address at Royal Albert Hall on May 9, 1912-

While women weep, as they do now, I'll fight; while little children go hungry, as they do now, I'll fight; while men go to prison, in and out, in and out, as they do now, I'll fight; while there is a drunkard left, while there is a poor lost girl upon the streets, while there remains one dark soul without the light of God, I'll fight-I'll fight to the very end!

The photo above is of NGC 6888 (the bubble in the center). The bubble is surrounding a type of star called a Wolf-Rayet star. It is formed because Wolf-Rayet stars are massive stars which are losing huges amounts of their mass because of very high stellar winds. They are very hot and very volitile stars, which end their lives in supernova explosions.